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I’ve never really cared about my birthday. Not necessarily because I’m one of those people that doesn’t like birthdays but for reasons I could never quite understand. It wasn’t until I told my therapist about this last year that she made me realize that being adopted may make this day feel complicated. And she’s right, it is complicated, but that’s for another day.

I’m 36 today which I am so grateful for because another year of life has been given to me, unlike so many others that have left this Earth too soon. As ridiculous as it sounds, turning 35…

Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash

They say you learn best by doing. As a voluntary board member for the Association of Korean Adoptees San Francisco, I had the opportunity to lead a different kind of virtual meeting I’d never done before. It wasn’t perfect by any means but this year perhaps we’re all trying new things a little more imperfectly than before. I developed this workshop as part of our first step in taking our allyship for “Black Lives Matter” beyond a statement. …

Seoul, South Korea

I’ve been trying to sit longer with things before reacting or taking action as a mechanism to practice more self-control. I think the pandemic has made it even more difficult, as one would expect, unable to move about as you please. But I’m not referring to this kind of practice in relation to hitting a beach or crowded bar.

This is actually about social media and the split second that occurs from the moment you see a post to the habitual reaction of your thumb before your brain even has time to process. I’ve done it many times, mindlessly scrolling…

Jenn Harbin

Product Manager, Marketer and Korean adoptee who is passionate about storytelling and writing.

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